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Vatroival zaposleni Company for consulting, management and control of fire equipment VATROIVAL Ltd., is a specialized for the services in the field of fire protection and Safety and Health at Work.

We were founded in April 2003. as an agency, and since November 2005. we perform our services as Ltd. company with task to improve our clients' fire protection system. After some time we have established the department for Health and Safety at Work services, and recently, we have started to provide a variety of services within facility maintenance.

Vatroival Ltd has been performing regular services for more than 500 companies all around the Republic of Serbia. In more than 170 companies leading fire protection and safety and health at work, the system of contractual obligations based on monthly fee.

The quality of our services is our ability to recognize client's needs, and we try in every possibility to extand our services by communication, dynamics, optimal delivery time and competative prices, because for us the customer always comes first. Enquiries from every potential customer we will carefully examine and propose an optimal solution to its business models and opportunities. What makes us different than others is - quality of our services, meaning: competence, efficiency and flexibility.

We have tried to provide you within our web site the information about the services we offer. If you do not find here the answer to your question, feel free to call us or send e-mail, and we will answer your questions in the shortest possible time.

Become a part of the security system of a VATROIVAL Ltd.

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