Fire Protection

Your security partner

Business segments

Services of professionals
  • Providing the services of a person professionally trained to implement and organize preventive fire protection measures.
  • Fire safety training for employees – live and via an online platform for training in Serbian, English and Russian.
Creation of normative documentation
  • employee training program, drafting of normative acts for the use, control and maintenance of built-in equipment, devices and installations, preparation

Your security partner

  • Mobile devices for extinguishing initial fires, internal and external hydrant installation, stable fire detection and alarm system, stable fire extinguishing system (sprinkler), stable systems for detection of flammable and explosive gases, anti-panic lighting, positive pressure ventilation system, stable system for the removal of smoke and heat, fire doors, fire dampers, control of the correctness of the installation for the protection of objects from atmospheric discharge (lightning rods), control of electrical devices and installations in anti-exposure protection, testing of semi-conductive floors, control of the correctness of the system for the removal of static electricity, control of electrical installations.
  • Maintenance and servicing of mobile fire extinguishers, replacement of parts, control testing of mobile devices for cold water pressure, control testing of hydrant hoses for cold water pressure.