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We are a company specialized in providing services in the field of fire protection, safety and health at work, control and servicing of firefighting equipment, design and implementation of fire protection systems.

Vatroival is a company that has been operating for more than 20 years on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, and from the first day we have been the most reliable partner in terms of fire protection and safety and health at work of its partners with the best solutions in world standards.

We are a company with top-quality authorized service, test equipment and first-class system equipment. We have a dynamic team of experienced engineers and technically trained employees with diverse experience in most disciplines related to engineering services. Currently, we are one of the few companies that owns all licenses and solutions in the field of fire protection and occupational health and safety. With a lot of knowledge and experience and a dedicated team of employees, we implement and improve fire protection and occupational health and safety measures for our clients.
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Your security partner!

We can boast that we are leading experts in the following activities: Safety and health at work, fire protection, design of fire protection systems, Execution and installation of fire protection systems, Sales of equipment, Control body and Emergency situations. We operate on the territory of the entire Republic of Serbia, we have separate organizational business units in Lucani, Temerin and Leskovac.

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